NAMC Montessori Lower Elementary Diploma Program Fraction Skittles
NAMC Montessori Lower Elementary Diploma Program Fraction Skittles
NAMC Montessori Lower Elementary Diploma Program Fraction Skittles
Montessori Lower Elementary Curriculum Samples [Ages 6–9 Years]
Our thirteen incredibly detailed, beautifully designed curriculum manuals provide the best combination of classic Montessori teachings enriched with contemporary activities and extensions to give you an outstanding and stimulating, exciting classroom! Professionally designed Curriculum Support Materials and Mastery Checklists on USB complement the activities in these lifetime teaching resources.
Thirteen professionally written, full-color Montessori manuals and a wide range of support resources will prepare you to present Montessori activities and materials to lower elementary students.

Theory Course

Montessori 6–12 Classroom Guide

NAMC’s Montessori 6–12 Classroom Guide presents ideas, principles, techniques, and materials that inspire, inform, and guide Montessori elementary teachers. This indispensable teaching resource provides you with detailed information regarding the theory, philosophy, and methodology of Dr. Montessori, preparing you to confidently guide students through the elementary years. Topics covered in the Classroom Guide include:

  • A brief history of Dr. Montessori and the development of the Montessori method
  • The growth and development of children, including their planes of development
  • A summary of Montessori terms
  • Preparing the Montessori environment
  • Presenting lessons the Montessori way
  • Preparing for the school year
  • The typical day
  • The role of the teacher

Montessori Blog Articles

NAMC has created a library of close to 700 articles on Montessori education. Since 2007, we have been building this resource and the articles are searchable by topic. VISIT THE BLOG

NAMC's Lower Elementary Five Great Lessons/Cosmic Education and Peace Montessori Manual

Five Great Lessons/Cosmic Education and Peace Manual

A well-loved tradition in the Montessori elementary environment, the Five Great Lessons are a series of five stories that give students an overall impression of the grand topics of the universe, the earth, and life on earth. Helping to answer the questions of “why?” and “how?” that are so important to elementary-age students, these stories form the heart of the Montessori integrated elementary curriculum. The activities associated with the lessons encourage the Montessori teacher to present each lesson with wonder and drama, sparking the students’ interest in each topic and inspiring them to learn more.

Closely related to the Five Great Lessons is the Cosmic Education and Peace curriculum. Cosmic education is Dr. Montessori’s concept based on the idea of the interdependence and interconnectedness of living things. Montessori believed that children who are exposed to a cosmic education have a clearer understanding of the natural world and their place in it. There is a profound connection between cosmic education and peace. Through the activities in this manual, Montessori teachers help their students learn, practice, and develop the skills required to be peaceful citizens of the world.

NAMC’s Printable Blackline Masters CD

Included with your program, the NAMC blackline masters CD provides you with hundreds of pages of printable material that correspond directly with the curriculum manuals.

NAMC's Lower Elementary Montessori Advanced Practical Life Manual

Advanced Practical Life Manual

Traditionally presented in the Montessori early childhood environment, practical life activities can also offer older children distinct benefits. NAMC’s Advanced Practical Life curriculum manual offers a bridge between the hands-on activities of the early childhood environment and the increasingly abstract ideas presented in the elementary programs. The activities help elementary students develop and practice skills that benefit their work in other parts of the curriculum by increasing their level of concentration and fine motor skills, for example. Learning real-life skills such as gardening, cooking, making crafts, and organizing larger projects, the students also develop independence, social competence, and a sense of responsibility.

Language and Math Courses

NAMC's Lower Elementary Montessori Language Arts Manual

Language Arts Manual

NAMC’s Language Arts curriculum manual builds on the strong foundation of the early childhood program, continuing the students’ work with Montessori materials such as the Grammar Symbols and introducing new materials such as the Grammar Boxes and Sentence Analysis Chart I. In addition to mastering the skills of writing, reading, and penmanship, students extensively explore word study, the mechanics of writing, and grammar to further enhance their understanding of language and their ability to communicate effectively.

NAMC's Lower Elementary Montessori Mathematics 1 Manual

Mathematics 1 Manual – Whole Numbers

The Lower Elementary Mathematics 1 manual continues the work that began in the Montessori early childhood environment, exploring basic math facts and the four operations through the use of hands-on Montessori materials. The curriculum gives students the opportunity to work on increasingly complex and abstract arithmetic concepts, involving larger numbers and place value, by manipulating more abstract materials.

Montessori Lower Elementary Videos

A total of 116 key activities demonstrating presentations in Language Arts, Sensorial Development and Mathematics; all designed to provide you with a visual tool for the Early Childhood classroom.

NAMC's Lower Elementary Montessori Mathematics 2 Manual

Mathematics 2 Manual – Fractions and Geometry

Mathematics 2 continues the students’ exploration of mathematical concepts, focusing on fractions and geometry. The students gain a thorough understanding of fractions and then learn how to perform operations involving fractions using Fraction Skittles, Fraction Circles, and other hands-on Montessori materials. The geometry activities also focus on presenting new and increasingly complex ideas through the manipulation of Montessori materials. Concepts are presented in a concrete and sensorial manner through the use of a combination of familiar and new materials, including the Geometric Cabinet, Constructive Triangles, Geometry Sticks, Geometric Solids, and more.

Culture Courses

NAMC's Lower Elementary Montessori History Manual

History Manual

NAMC’s Lower Elementary History manual invites students to explore the concept of time moving from a concrete discussion to the more abstract and complex study of timelines — both of life and of people. Students are also introduced to civilizations throughout time, sparking their interest and preparing them for further research. Intertwined with this is a study of the common needs of people and how they apply to each time period.

NAMC's Lower Elementary Montessori Physical Geography Manual

Physical Geography Manual

NAMC’s Lower Elementary Physical Geography curriculum manual builds on the knowledge students developed in the early childhood program, moving from a concrete to a more abstract understanding of our planet. Students study the earth’s physical environment and the processes that form its features through the study of maps, the earth and the sun, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the lithosphere. Through their active exploration, students gain an appreciation of the world’s beauty, its fragile ecosystem, and the power of nature.

NAMC's Lower Elementary Montessori Cultural Geography Manual

Cultural Geography Manual

The Cultural Geography curriculum manual focuses on the people and regions of earth and provides students with a different lens through which to view our world. Students explore each of the continents, the people who live there, and cultural celebrations, learning how people affect the earth over time as they immigrate, redefine political borders, start new industries, and use the earth’s natural resources.

Science Courses

NAMC's Lower Elementary Montessori Zoology Manual

Zoology Manual

NAMC’s Zoology curriculum manual embraces Dr. Montessori’s understanding that elementary-age children have an increased interest in classification by focusing on activities that give students opportunities to explore animal classification. Beginning with a holistic overview of the animal kingdom, the curriculum then progresses through more specific animal classifications, presenting the wonders of the animal world in an engaging and thought-provoking manner. The students are also encouraged to consider the connection between humans and animals and the interdependence of life.

NAMC's Lower Elementary Montessori Botany Manual

Botany Manual

NAMC’s Botany curriculum manual nurtures the students’ fascination with nature through the exploration of plants and their functions. Through experimentation and activities, students learn that plants are a key component to sustaining life on earth and further their understanding of the important connection plants have to humans and animals. The final section of the manual presents microscopic study, introducing students to the wonders of organisms that can only be studied with the aid of a microscope.

NAMC's Lower Elementary Montessori Matter and Astronomy Manual

Matter and Astronomy Manual

Supernovas, stars, asteroids, meteors, satellites, and galaxies! Working with NAMC’s Matter and Astronomy curriculum manual, students discover the wonder and power of a tiny atom and all its potential. This comprehensive curriculum provides a range of activities to explore the mysteries of the universe, discover many answers to why and how things exist and behave, and seek further answers to questions that inevitably arise.

NAMC's Lower Elementary Montessori Health Sciences, Art and Music Manual

Health Sciences, Art and Music Manual

Maria Montessori believed that a healthy mind, body, and spirit are essential elements for success on the universal path of progress and development. In this same way, NAMC’s Health Sciences activities encompass a holistic approach to health, presenting students with the information they need to understand the value of taking care of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The Art and Music section of this manual serves as a valuable resource for the Montessori educator to build imaginative, artistic projects into their curriculum and to inspire children to explore their own creativity as a means of expression. Our world needs to continue to encourage creative problem-solvers and craftspeople who strive for a harmonious balance between progress and beauty. Dive in, have fun with the children, and see the spark of imagination and artistry ignite!

The manuals are well organized and easy to use. The language is simple and clearly understood, which is important to students when English is their second language. All my life I had problems with mathematics, but now everything makes sense; there is logic in math! I am even having fun preparing the activities. They are so detailed and well explained. I am amazed by NAMC’s dedication, accuracy, and kindness.
Lina Bayazid, NAMC 6–9 Graduate

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