NAMC's Online Early Childhood Montessori Diploma Program

Montessori believed that in the time of the absorbent mind (birth–6 years), the joy of learning is more evident and effortless than perhaps at any other stage of life. Through natural curiosity, the child absorbs information, assimilates it with his senses, and constructs his own knowledge.

The Montessori method of education gives children ages 3–6 unique opportunities to learn more thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently through experience, guidance, and practice. The Montessori educator is the dynamic link to the environment, providing a peaceful, ordered, caring context to support learning and advancement of the skills inherently being sharpened at this important period of development. All roads point toward independence and active connection to the world.

NAMC’s Montessori Early Childhood courses embrace this philosophy and prepare you to be a knowledgeable and compassionate Montessori educator. Working with our outstanding curriculum manuals and resources provides you with a strong understanding of Montessori philosophy and methodology as it relates to children in the 3–6 age range. NAMC’s training fully prepares you to confidently guide and enrich the lives of children in the Montessori early childhood environment.

Choosing the path of Montessori is a road that brings riches to the soul as well as providing the methodology for which we choose to inspire and lead. Not only are we guiding children, but we are partnering with families to raise beings that are self-empowered, confident; with a joyful attitude toward lifelong learning.
Carey Leichter, NAMC 0–3, 3–6, & 6–9 Graduate
Owner/Administrator of Grand Forks Montessori Academy, North Dakota, USA