NAMC — Who We Are

NAMC has been offering professional Montessori diploma programs throughout North America and around the globe since 1996. We are proud to be the leaders in providing Montessori distance education programs and in developing world-class Montessori curriculum. Our success has and always will be closely connected to the success of our graduates. Our graduates are thriving in their careers as Montessori educators in over 160 countries worldwide.

A unique and beneficial feature of our diploma programs is the inclusion of full-color, professionally developed and designed curriculum manuals. We have invested countless hours and dedicated resources to researching and writing over 40 Montessori manuals, covering every aspect of theory and practice for teaching Montessori education to children from birth through 12 years of age. We also have a well-respected Montessori blog: since establishing NAMC’s Montessori Teacher Training Blog in 2007, our articles have been viewed over 19,500,000 times by Montessori educators around the world. NAMC’s blog is a valuable resource that supplements our students’ ongoing professional development, featuring articles about Montessori philosophy, methodology, materials, activities, practical applications, and more.

Our first priority is our students, and we believe that what sets us apart from other Montessori training centers is the distinctive and valuable combination of including the best Montessori resources available today with access to a knowledgeable, experienced, and committed support network. This proven, time-tested approach prepares our students to be sensitive and effective guides of the Montessori method.

Our Founder

Leading NAMC with experience, knowledge, and grace and courtesy.

NAMC Founder and Program Director Dale Gausman has a career in education that spans over 40 years. He has taught preschool to grade 12 in Canada and the USA. Since 1985, Dale has established several successful schools in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia. Dale holds a degree in education, and is a graduate of both the University of British Columbia and Portland State University. He has also earned his AMI Montessori teaching diploma, along with his Early Childhood Education diploma. Dale founded Cornerstone Montessori School (Preschool to Grade 7), which operates under Class 1 designation — the highest rating awarded by the provincial Ministry of Education.

Recognizing the need for quality, affordable, and flexible Montessori teacher training, Dale founded North American Montessori Center (NAMC) in 1996. He realized that Montessori educators need training that fits their schedule and their location, no matter where they are in the world, and he filled that niche with an accessible, superior Montessori distance program. Dale also recognized that the success of NAMC students would depend greatly on having quality instruction and guidance provided by knowledgeable, experienced Montessori teachers. To that end, Dale worked directly with our tutors, mentoring and guiding them to help develop them into the strong resources they are today. As Program Director, Dale has been instrumental in every aspect of NAMC’s growth for more than 26 years now. In that time, he has developed and provided Montessori teacher education that is recognized in schools throughout North America and around the world, published almost 50 curriculum manuals and an extensive range of curriculum support material, and has led NAMC to become the world leader in Montessori curriculum resources.

Our Tutor Team

Our tutors are experienced Montessori educators and trainers who are knowledgeable and well practiced in all facets of Montessori education — the philosophy, methods, materials, and interactions needed to create an environment that leads to enriched learning opportunities for every child. Offering you unlimited access throughout your program, your personal tutor works directly with you, providing feedback during the program as well as answering any questions you have pertaining to Montessori education, our curriculum and resources, the use of didactic materials, classroom questions, assignments, and much more. Part of NAMCʼs professional and caring team, our dedicated tutors are available and happy to encourage and guide you when needed as you complete your Montessori diploma.

My tutor was phenomenal. She went above and beyond, answering my questions and offering additional resources in response to my queries. I can't say enough about how wonderful she was.

Catherine Kovac Johanni

I am not a native English speaker and was a little worried about whether I could keep up with the program, however my tutor always supported me with every question I had. I felt like I had a tutor next to me all of the time.

Mai Mitsui

I am very impressed with how quickly I received feedback from my tutor as well as the quality of the responses. I could tell that she took the time to consider all of my answers and valued my work.

Amy Spackman

My tutor provided prompt feedback and evaluation of my coursework. She answered my questions thoroughly. I loved her comments and encouragement! She even said I could contact her in the future if needed. That's an amazing tutor!

Tami Andel

My tutor was incredible and supportive during the program. She provided immediate, knowledgeable feedback in a friendly, supportive, and encouraging way.

Shannon Thompson

I really enjoyed every step of my Early Childhood diploma program. I loved the way my tutor guided me throughout my program, and assisted me kindly and respectfully.

Ayeefar Ahmed

I appreciated all the help from my tutor. She was perfect with getting feedback to me as soon as possible, and was always there to answer any questions I had.

Shane Austin Perin

My tutor has been very motivating and kept me engaged. Please don’t stop doing the good job you are doing!

Oluwabukola Dada

I am very pleased and thankful to my tutor for her dedication and motivation throughout my program.

Sara Becker-Cuervo

My tutor was amazing and so prompt. She was really quick about sending detailed feedback. Thank you; I am excited to be a part of NAMC!

CaTessa Jones

NAMC could not have made it any easier. My correspondence was always answered within a day or two, with quick, courteous, and knowledgeable responses. I really enjoyed the one-on-one tutor program.

Chanel White

My tutor was always available for help, and she was very prompt with feedback.

Pamela Babbitt

My tutor was very conscientious and helpful. Her reviews of my assignments were timely and thoughtful. She helped me understand important points that I might have over looked.

Teresa Driskill

My tutor was amazing!

Danielle Mayer

Our Administrative Team

NAMCʼs administrative team puts our students first in all we do, providing the information you need in a timely and courteous fashion. Whatever your question, we are here to help. Whether you need to know about enrollments, curriculum manuals, shipments, or payments, a member of our team is here to answer your call or email. Even if you arenʼt a NAMC student yet, we would love to hear from you! We recognize that choosing the Montessori training that best suits your needs is a big decision and that you may have questions. We are happy to talk with you, answer your questions, and help you make an informed choice — the choice that is right for you.

Our Alumni

NAMC is proud to have an alumni community made up of passionate Montessori educators from around the globe. We currently have graduates in over 160 countries — and the numbers keep growing! After graduating from NAMCʼs Montessori Diploma Programs, our students have found wonderful employment opportunities as Montessori teachers and assistant teachers in all levels of Montessori programs. Many have also become school directors and a significant number have successfully opened their own Montessori schools, daycare centers, and early childhood environments. Our graduates also include homeschoolers — parents, grandparents, and other care providers who understand the value of Montessori education for their children. Just like you, NAMCʼs alumni are people who share an enthusiasm for enriching the lives of children through Montessori teaching!