NAMC's Online Upper Elementary Montessori Diploma Program

The Montessori upper elementary environment is a beautiful place to grow and learn ... and to teach! The NAMC 9–12 curriculum prepares the Montessori educator to continue to ignite the imagination of the child by modeling a natural wonder about the world and guiding students while they strive to make sense of their experiences in it.

Subjects are interwoven and the Montessori teacher is adept at presenting and understanding history, math, botany, zoology, chemistry, geography, language, physics, and geometry. Students expand their intellect and abilities as young citizens who model respect, adopt peaceful practices, and develop a personal, positive contribution to the world.

NAMC’s Upper Elementary courses provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to motivate and engage students in the 9–12 age range. Focusing on Montessori philosophy and methodology and how it pertains to upper elementary students, our training prepares you to successfully connect with and guide students in the upper elementary Montessori environment.

I teach Upper Elementary students and have never loved my job as much as I do now. Seeing the joy of discovery and the constant “aha” moments in my Montessori classroom makes me grateful that I made the change to Montessori.
Keith Gay, NAMC 9–12 Graduate
Wisconsin, USA