NAMC Montessori Lower Elementary Diploma Program Checkerboard
NAMC Montessori Lower Elementary Diploma Program Checkerboard
NAMC Montessori Lower Elementary Diploma Program Checkerboard

How the NAMC Montessori Lower Elementary Diploma Program Works

Learn how to engage lower elementary students in meaningful work while sparking their imagination and giving them the tools to answer the important question of “why?” NAMC’s Montessori teacher training program equips you with comprehensive knowledge of Montessori philosophy and methodology, preparing you to work with the social and reasoning mind of the elementary student.


How the Program Unfolds


You can complete this nine-month program from the comfort of your home and you will receive all the support and guidance you need from a knowledgeable, experienced Montessori teacher trainer.

NAMC includes everything you will need to successfully complete your diploma program. You will be well prepared for your teaching career with thirteen professionally developed, full-color Montessori manuals, curriculum support materials, online math videos, and checklists. This is a unique and beneficial feature of all of NAMC’s programs.

Commit as little as four hours per week to your studies, earn your Montessori 6–9 diploma in nine months, and start a rewarding and challenging career.

Your Lower Elementary program has been enriched with many new and exciting online resources on the MyNAMC Learning Environment, including short and informative videos to help you get started, valuable NAMC articles, photos, common core information, activities to supplement your learning, and an innovative study timeline to help you successfully manage the timely completion of your program. NAMC’s plan is to continually add resources to these online environments.


You are welcome to enroll in NAMC’s Lower Elementary (6 to 9 years) Diploma Program at any time. NAMC does not have predetermined enrollment dates for our programs. Once you enroll, we schedule and send you your unique assignment due dates. The program is divided into three separate components. Each component is completed within a twelve-week period, making the program an approximate total of nine consecutive months (this includes shipping and handling time).

First Component

  • Montessori 6–12 Classroom Guide
  • Five Great Lessons | Cosmic Education and Peace
  • Language Arts

Second Component

  • Math 1
  • Advanced Practical Life
  • Botany
  • Matter and Astronomy
  • History

Third Component

  • Math 2 
  • Physical Geography
  • Cultural Geography
  • Zoology
  • Introduction to Health Sciences, Art and Music


NAMC’s assignments correspond closely with the thirteen Lower Elementary curriculum manuals that you receive with your program — so that your learning relates directly to what you will be teaching in the Montessori classroom. Most of the assignments include comprehensive and objective questions which require short answers — sometimes a sentence, sometimes a paragraph or two — and we consistently provide you with learning tools such as videos, graphics, and templates to support your comprehension.

The most important thing to know about our assignments is that they are manageable. You can do this! NAMC is proud of the fact that our dedicated, motivated students never fail. We assess you on the merit of your assignment answers. There are no examinations, and although grammar and composition skills are important, they are not the focus of your training.

Our assessment procedure is unique, and it is one of the reasons our motivated learners succeed. After you submit your assignments, your tutor evaluates your work and provides you with personal feedback, reviewing your answers with you to ensure that you thoroughly understand what you are learning.

NAMC wants more for you than just completed assignments; we work with you to make certain that you understand the course content and that you will have success applying what you have learned. We are kind of Montessori that way!


As a NAMC student, you will be assigned a personal Montessori tutor who you will work with directly throughout your program. NAMC’s tutors are experienced, knowledgeable Montessori classroom teachers who have been teaching the Montessori method to adults for years. Working full-time for NAMC, your tutor is always there to guide you through your studies. And you can connect with her any time — by email, Skype, or phone. In addition to providing you with continual support and guidance during your program and offering you valuable feedback on your assignments, your NAMC tutor is a great resource when you have questions about Montessori theory and practice, our curriculum and resources, the use of didactic materials, classroom management, communicating with parents, purchasing materials and furniture, organizing an open house, recording observations, preparing student assessments, and much more.


Enrich your methods and practices with Montessori and experience the wonder, awe, and accomplishments of your students. Begin today!