NAMC's Online Lower Elementary Montessori Diploma Program

The Montessori 6–9 curriculum maximizes exploration, creativity, and independent learning. The world of the child is full of movement, and we prepare the environment with beautiful materials and ample opportunity to connect with nature. This approach facilitates growth and fosters peace while keeping up with the busy and active bodies and brains of young children.

The NAMC Lower Elementary Diploma Program prepares Montessori educators with a rich, diverse curriculum to encourage and inspire young students at every turn. To teach according to the child’s needs makes learning much more meaningful and relevant to the child. When we follow the child, teaching becomes a gift and not a chore since it is readily accepted, internalized, and mastered.

NAMC’s Lower Elementary courses center on these ideals, focusing on Montessori philosophy and methodology as it relates to the developmental and social needs of students in the 6–9 age range. NAMC’s Montessori training provides you with the knowledge and resources you need to engage and motivate students in the Montessori lower elementary environment.

The lower elementary environment is a beehive, full of motion. Some students work in a group solving a math problem. The students are amazing in math — in everything they do really. In another group, the students are researching Native American Culture. In the reading corner, a student reads a great novel, compiling thoughts and facts to include in her book report. Another student is cleaning the fish tank, and in the center of the room, a group of students is working on a science experiment with the other teacher. When we come together for circle time, the students’ discussions would surprise any lobbyist in Washington D.C. Not one moment goes by in the Montessori lower elementary environment without a productive thought or movement.
Aline Lage, NAMC 6–9 Graduate
Texas, USA