A Flexible, Affordable Formula for Success 

Earn Your Montessori Diploma in a Way that Fits Your Life

We offer professional distance education programs to people who want to become Montessori educators throughout North America and around the globe. We take pride in knowing that our graduates are extremely successful in acquiring employment in Montessori environments.

Successful completion of a NAMC diploma program sets the foundation for graduates to work in a Montessori environment, enrich their existing program, or to develop their own Montessori environment.

NAMC's dedication to our students sets us apart from other Montessori training options. We created our Montessori distance education programs with you in mind — providing comprehensive, quality training that is affordable, flexible, and accessible.


NAMC has been training Montessori teachers for over 28 years, and we are the world leader in Montessori distance education and curriculum resources. We have made it our priority to offer the best distance education programs, Montessori curriculum, and curriculum support material available today. Through our years of working closely with students and schools, we have established strong relationships with Montessorians around the world. Our students and alumni have been sharing valuable feedback with us for two decades now. Combining their essential input with our experience, NAMC continues to improve our programs and provide outstanding Montessori training to our students.


Our low tuition fees are unparalleled in the Montessori teacher training market, and no other training program includes the lifetime teaching resources that we do. We also offer options in the way you pay: You can choose the cost-saving one-time payment or the easy-to-manage three-payment option. NAMC strives to always provide our students with exceptional training at the best value possible. Our tuition fees are affordable, yet we have not sacrificed on quality, offering such a robust program.  


NAMC’s commitment to quality is apparent in all we do. Our experienced Montessori tutors provide students with outstanding support and mentorship. Our world-class Montessori curriculum manuals are the most comprehensive you will find, combining authentic Montessori theory and practice with proven contemporary ideas in a user-friendly, attractive format. In every way, NAMC’s high-quality Montessori teacher education programs equip our students with a solid Montessori foundation. 


Our Montessori independent study programs are designed for people with busy lives. You are not confined to preset class times or required to perform time-consuming “busy work” with little benefit. Our programs are designed to efficiently and effectively prepare you to teach using the Montessori method of education without overwhelming your life. Indeed, most of our students continue to work full-time while they acquire their NAMC Montessori teaching diploma. Completing your Montessori training your way has never been easier!


NAMC’s number one priority is our students! Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service, from the moment you first contact us. We are here to answer the phone when you call and respond to your questions when you email. Our administrative team works to ensure each student is treated as an individual. Our tutors work full-time with NAMC, guiding and mentoring our students. Whether you need academic advice, tutoring guidance, administrative assistance, or other Montessori information, we take the time to listen to you and provide the answers you need. 


Our open enrollment means that you begin your program days after enrolling — and you can enroll any time, from wherever you are in the world. All your required program materials are included with the program and are shipped directly to your door. Study when and where it is convenient for you,  access a number of new and beneficial NAMC online resources on the MyNAMC Learning Environment (e.g., NAMC articles, photos, activities, study timeline/tips, etc.), connect with your personal tutor in the way you choose — by email, Skype, or phone.


Our programs are designed to ensure that students complete their Montessori training successfully. Equipped with the knowledge they need to work in a Montessori environment, NAMC graduates have found employment in schools around the world. Our programs are recognized by Montessori schools everywhere that seek well-trained, professional Montessori educators. NAMC graduates are working in Montessori environments throughout the USA, Canada, and in over 155 countries worldwide. View Graduate Testimonials.


Successful completion of a NAMC diploma program sets the foundation for graduates to work in a Montessori environment, enrich their existing program, or to develop their own Montessori environment. The demand for Montessori-trained teachers is higher than ever before. Teaching continues to be a growth industry, especially in the field of early childhood education, and Montessori is at the forefront of this growth. There are thousands of Montessori schools around the world, with over 6,000 in the US alone. Private schools, charter schools, and public school programs are adding Montessori programs at an exponential rate in response to proven outcomes and parent demand. As these programs grow, so does the need for well-trained Montessori teachers. In fact, every year, approximately 200 Montessori teaching positions remain vacant in the US (NAMTA).

“Employment of preschool teachers is projected to grow 17 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations. Growth is expected due to a continued focus on the importance of early childhood education and the growing population of children ages 3 to 5.” — United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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