NAMC Montessori Lower Elementary Diploma Program Testimonials Puzzle Map
NAMC Montessori Lower Elementary Diploma Program Testimonials Puzzle Map
NAMC Montessori Lower Elementary Diploma Program Testimonials Puzzle Map
Testimonials for NAMC's Montessori Lower Elementary Diploma Program

Montessori created a beautiful elementary curriculum that is grounded in the nature of children in this exceptional period of development. The NAMC Lower Elementary 6–9 program was uniquely created and designed to bring this exciting and integrated curriculum to life, for both the Montessori educator and students. NAMC Lower Elementary 6–9 students and graduates share their thoughts about what they gained through this program.

NAMC's diploma program and curriculum expanded my horizons and developed my Montessori skills. I have used NAMC's curriculum with Montessori preschool students, elementary public school students and the aftercare program students. All have benefited from the new techniques that I have learned from NAMC. The resources and format inherent in the manuals allow teachers to help develop both curiosity and imagination in the children. The service and support I received from NAMC was outstanding. I have recommended your program to many of my colleagues and friends. I am a strong NAMC supporter!

Diane Simons, NAMC 6–9 Graduate
Washington, USA

The NAMC Lower Elementary program was awesome. I learned things that I never learned as a child. It's marvelous to know that the Montessori Method is designed to work with all children, and it maximizes each child's potential. My tutor was wonderful. She provided prompt feedback and evaluation of my coursework. She answered my questions thoroughly and offered her support. I loved her kind comments and encouragement! She even said that I could contact her in the future if needed. Now, that's an amazing tutor!

I loved the manuals. They were very easy to follow and comprehend. My students wanted to look at them as well. They were excited to see what lessons would be coming in the future and even selected some that they were interested in. Your program is simply first class. I'm a full-time college student and a full-time teacher as well. It was great being able to work at my own pace. I wouldn't have been able to take this course, but because it was distance training, I was able to.

Tami Andel, NAMC 6–9 Graduate
Texas, USA

I have a school of my own and I use only NAMC for my staff's training. As well, I homeschool my two children using NAMC's Lower Elementary program. They are doing extremely well and are ready to begin the 9–12 program. I thank you for this opportunity. You will never be able to fathom how much this has done for my children.

Carmen J., NAMC 6–9 Graduate
Gauteng, South Africa

I found the Lower Elementary program to be flexible and informative. I feel I learned more during this program about the structure and curriculum in a classroom than I did during my Masters and Teacher Credential program. I wish I would have completed this program before teaching my own classroom, but being a current Montessori classroom teacher did help my overall understanding of the terms and activities. The binders are set up in a user-friendly format and provide invaluable activities that can be incorporated into the classroom immediately. My tutor was incredible and supportive during the program. She provided immediate, knowledgeable feedback in a friendly, supportive, and encouraging way. I would definitely recommend this program to other teachers!

Shannon Thompson, NAMC 6–9 Graduate
Queensland, Australia

The NAMC program was perfect for my needs. I am primary trained but I worked as a Lower Elementary assistant for 4 years. As a mother, wife, and Montessori assistant, my time is limited. The NAMC program made it possible for me to study at my own schedule. The manuals are well organized, enriched, and succinct. My personal NAMC tutor was always available and helpful. If it hadn't been for this program's flexible schedule, first-class materials, and personal tutor, I would not have been able to take my Montessori training. The program format is well thought out and presented very logically. The assignments were enough to help me understand the lesson without feeling bogged down with lengthy papers, projects, or material-making like some other programs. The NAMC program is perfect.

Teresa Treat, NAMC 6–9 Graduate
Texas, USA
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