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Lower Elementary Diploma Program (6–9 years)

LE - Teresa Treat

by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

The NAMC program was perfect for my needs. I am primary trained but I worked as a Lower Elementary assistant for 4 years. As a mother, wife, and Montessori assistant, my time is limited. The NAMC program made it possible for me to study at my own schedule. The manuals are well organized, enriched, and succinct. My personal NAMC tutor was always available and helpful. If it hadn't been for this program's flexible schedule, first-class materials, and personal tutor, I would not have been able to take my Montessori training. The program format is well thought out and presented very logically. The assignments were enough to help me understand the lesson without feeling bogged down with lengthy papers, projects, or material-making like some other programs. The NAMC program is perfect.

Teresa Treat, NAMC 6–9 Graduate
Texas, USA
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