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Lower Elementary Diploma Program (6–9 years)

LE - Lina Bayazid

by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

Studying my Lower Elementary Montessori diploma with NAMC was a wonderful experience! I learned so much; and I will definitely be a better Montessori teacher. The manuals are well organized and easy to use. The language is simple and clearly understood, which is important to students when English is their second language. All my life I had problems with mathematics, but now everything makes sense; there is logic in math! I am even having fun preparing the activities. They are so detailed and well explained. I am amazed by NAMC’s dedication, accuracy, and kindness.

I was astonished reading the History manual; it is so creative, and like a real time machine—my children and I travelled to the ancient times, to outer space…it was amazing.

I do not have a single criticism. I do not think there is a better curriculum, and I cannot wait to apply it in the classroom. In the name of all the children who are going to benefit from my knowledge, thank you. I am proud to be a graduate of NAMC’s program.

Lina Bayazid, NAMC 6–9 Graduate
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