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Infant / Toddler Diploma Program (0–3 years)

IT - Carol Hirst

by User Not Found | Mar 23, 2015

We keep the manuals handy in the classroom so they are always available when we need them. I enjoyed the Infant/Toddler program. In New Zealand an infants and toddlers Montessori teacher training program is not available, and there are very few infant and toddler classes/schools. We were one of the first ones in our area to set up an infants and toddlers room to complement the 3–6 room, so NAMC’s program was very helpful. It assisted us in developing an understanding of Montessori education for the youngest age grouping and refining the presentation process, as well as providing lots of ideas for integrating the method into our classroom. 

Carol Hirst, NAMC 0–3 Graduate
New Zealand
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