NAMC Infant Toddler Diploma Program Sliding Puzzle
NAMC Infant Toddler Diploma Program Sliding Puzzle
NAMC Infant Toddler Diploma Program Sliding Puzzle
Testimonials for NAMC's Montessori Infant/Toddler Diploma Program

It takes a unique blend of love, patience, kindness, compassion and joy to be a Montessori Infant/Toddler caregiver. Supporting the precious first three years of a child’s life requires special knowledge and preparation for this important work. NAMC Infant/Toddler 0-3 students and graduates share their insights into the 0-3 diploma program.

I loved every bit of the Infant/Toddler program and cannot wait to use my learning in the Montessori environment. The manuals and the guidance from my tutor contributed to this positive experience with NAMC! The program material is fantastic and everything necessary to understand the method has been well laid out. I will treasure my NAMC manuals. My tutor was wonderful and I was so glad to have her as my mentor.

Roshni Mudapa, NAMC 0–3 Graduate
Michigan, USA

The Montessori Training Program offered by NAMC will not disappoint you! The materials that you will receive are of the highest quality. The manuals are well structured and easy to follow; this is very suitable for the student who is not a native speaker of English. The program is interesting and challenging at the same time. A student doing any of the NAMC programs is going to find this a most enjoyable journey of learning. Customer support is always available so that a student or an administrator does not feel that they are on their own. NAMC is committed to making sure the students who take the program succeed. Thanks to the NAMC team for making Montessori teacher training accessible to the remote regions of the world.

Vernon Lehmann, NAMC 0–3 Graduate
Early Learning Project Manager, Kazakhstan

The Infant/Toddler program is well coordinated to help a new teacher like me find the confidence to set up my environment and work with the children who will come through our program. I have learned to be a support for the parents and also to set up my classroom environment so that it is inviting to the young toddler, offering him/her many opportunities to explore. I enjoyed the entire NAMC curriculum - thank you to all who helped put this together. I appreciated having a personal tutor, and I am so thankful for all her help and dedication.

Taryn Halmos-Andres, NAMC 0–3 Graduate
Hawaii, USA

The Infant/Toddler program has offered me a thorough grounding in Montessori principles, materials, and techniques, and it has inspired me to continue with my lifelong Montessori studies. The NAMC blog and website will continue to be a helpful and inspiring resource for me. Thank you very much for providing such a high quality Montessori learning program.

Darcy Scott-Loughton, NAMC 0–3 Graduate
Canberra, Australia
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