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Infant / Toddler Diploma Program (0–3 years)

IT - Vernon Lehmann

by User Not Found | Mar 23, 2015

The Montessori Training Program offered by NAMC will not disappoint you! The materials that you will receive are of the highest quality. The manuals are well structured and easy to follow; this is very suitable for the student who is not a native speaker of English. The program is interesting and challenging at the same time. A student doing any of the NAMC programs is going to find this a most enjoyable journey of learning. Customer support is always available so that a student or an administrator does not feel that they are on their own. NAMC is committed to making sure the students who take the course succeed. Thanks to the NAMC team for making Montessori teacher training accessible to the remote regions of the world.

Vernon Lehmann, NAMC 0–3, 3–6 Graduate
Early Learning Project Manager, Kazakhstan
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