Montessori 3-6 Homeschool Program Testimonials

Since NAMC was founded in 1996, our Montessori manuals and resources have been used by homeschoolers, teachers, and schools all over the world. We are delighted each and every time we receive feedback from a valued member of our community and we are grateful for their time and effort. Part of our mission is to continually improve of programs and resources so that NAMC is the premier resource for Montessori educators. 

HS - Emma Silecchia

by User Not Found | Mar 31, 2020

NAMC’s 3-6 Homeschool Program gave me such a strong foundation and a sense of confidence.  While I am not a certified Montessori teacher, I was able to create a Montessori environment as prescribed in the program, which resulted is more than I could have ever imagined possible. I have witnessed and observed my daughter's level of mastery in all the areas that were so brilliantly mapped out in NAMC’s program. Her skills are above and beyond anything I ever imagined possible for a child her age in every area. I am taken aback sometimes by her ability to read chapters and the way she comprehends the story, when other children her age that we know are just barely able to read at all, much less sit through the types of complex math operations my daughter gets so excited about. My child was able to follow herself, her curiosity, her own enthusiasm and excitement, and that by simply doing that, she EASILY and effortlessly learned to read, write, perform mathematical operations, explore the world and learn, memorize, create and excel. I'm fascinated. I'm grateful. I am a forever fan of NAMC. Her sense of order, her ability to explore interests independently, her level of concentration and engagement, as well as her excitement about learning is all directly attributed to this incredible environment I have created in our home using NAMC’s homeschooling program.

NAMC’s 3-6 Homeschool Program works in the most brilliant and efficient way!

Emma Silecchia
Florida, USA