Montessori 3-6 Homeschool Program Testimonials

Since NAMC was founded in 1996, our Montessori manuals and resources have been used by homeschoolers, teachers, and schools all over the world. We are delighted each and every time we receive feedback from a valued member of our community and we are grateful for their time and effort. Part of our mission is to continually improve of programs and resources so that NAMC is the premier resource for Montessori educators. 

HS - D Berg

by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

I chose to homeschool my 3 children using the Montessori approach, and I found there are many different options for Montessori resources. It is only with NAMC that I found everything I need in very comprehensive packages in one place. Their manuals have a very clear format with essential information and beautiful images. I especially appreciate the extension activities proposed at the end of each lesson. The material and lesson suggestions are very flexible and allow me to adapt to the needs of each of my children with their different ages and learning styles, including my son with Down syndrome who benefits greatly from the Montessori approach. With NAMC materials I have found what I need to create a vision and lead my children on their educational journey. In addition, the staff at NAMC is very professional and friendly to work with. I highly recommend NAMC materials to anyone who is interested in teaching using Montessori methods, including educators like me who have little formal training in Montessori methods.

D. Berg
California, USA