What's Included with NAMC Montessori 3-6 Homeschool Program

NAMC includes six (6) manuals of professionally written Montessori theory and methodology. Our world-class Montessori curriculum manuals are comprehensive, but are user-friendly and straightforward, combining authentic Montessori theory and practice with proven contemporary ideas.

The Guide to Theory and Practice is the most extensive guide to Montessori for 3–6 ever published. This book covers the ideas, principles, techniques, and materials that inspire, inform, and guide all Montessori programs. The book is divided into three main sections: (1) the Montessori approach as it developed through the fascinating life of Maria Montessori; (2) the key components of the philosophy and methodology; and (3) putting the Montessori method into practice in your home. We devote an entire section of the Guide to setting up the prepared environment in your home, and include detailed information on room set-up, accessory spaces, materials, and the outdoor area — preparing you fully to teach Montessori at home.

Each of the five professionally written Montessori preschool curriculum manuals help your child attain major learning outcomes. Within the beautiful, full-color pages you will find almost 400 activities — allowing you to choose presentations that are right for your child’s needs, so you can easily tailor your program to your child’s learning style.

Included in the activities are these key features:

  • full-color photographs
  • step-by-step, easy to follow presentations
  • purpose or learning outcome of the activity
  • suggested age range
  • list of materials
  • preparation instructions for hand-made materials
  • relevant background information
  • notes and tips
Homeschool Program Manuals

The Montessori Materials

Montessori materials are a crucial element of the methodology, and finding appropriate materials for your homeschool program can be a time‐consuming job. To make it convenient for you, NAMC’s 3–6 Montessori Homeschool Program comes with key hands‐on materials.



  • Golden Bead Material
    • 45 unit beads
    • 45 10‐bars
    • 20 100‐squares
    • 9 1,000‐cubes
  • Color Bead Bars, 10 sets
  • Gray Negative Bead Bars, 3 sets
  • Black and White Bead Stair, 1 set
Language Arts

Language Arts

  • Primary Phonics Level 1
    • workbook
    • set of 10 storybooks
  • Primary Phonics Level 2
    • workbook
    • set of 10 storybooks

Blackline Masters, Montessori Material Templates, Mastery Checklists, and Bonus Activities on USB


NAMC’s 3-6 Montessori Homeschool Program includes over 680 pages of full-color printables that correspond directly with the activities presented in our curriculum manuals. The curriculum support material includes material templates that allow you to create printable versions of Montessori materials; full-color, beautifully illustrated nomenclature cards; language arts materials; math equation slips and practice sheets; Mastery Checklists for planning and tracking your child’s homeschool journey and achievements; and much more.

This also resource provides you with digital copies of classic Montessori sensorial activities including the Cylinder Blocks, Pink Tower, Brown Stair, and Red Rods, and new activities like the Entry Items Puzzle Activity and NAMC’s own Friendship Flower Activity. Easy to follow and in full color, these activities will be a wonderful addition to your Montessori homeschool environment.