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Upper Elementary Diploma Program (9–12 years)
  • UE - Teula B

    by User Not Found | Jun 10, 2015

    I have truly enjoyed the pace and understanding of your program. The materials are well done, highly motivating, and I really appreciated the CD to have on hand for further use. I would highly recommend your program to anyone who wanted to become certified in Montessori.

    Teula B., NAMC 9–12 Graduate
    Florida, USA
  • UE - Keith Gay

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

    NAMC’s training is offered in a way that made it possible for me to effectively learn the Montessori methods and materials, while still being able to work and take care of my everyday life responsibilities. I loved the whole experience with NAMC! My superintendent, who is a huge proponent of Montessori education, suggested I look into getting trained as a Montessori teacher for our new Montessori Charter School. I looked at many, many options. Living in northern and very rural Wisconsin, there are no training centers close to me. That was a big issue due to the fact that I in no way could, in good conscience, leave my family for weeks and weeks at a time to do the traditional on-site training. Then I found NAMC — it was the perfect format for our needs. The training I received from NAMC made me feel very confident that I was going to be able to implement the methods and materials as I had seen in the classrooms I visited. I can confidently talk with other Montessori teachers from around the nation and I have never felt as though I missed out on something in my training. My mentor was fantastic, extremely helpful, and incredibly insightful. It's clear the people at NAMC want you to succeed and have a successful classroom. I thank NAMC, and my superintendent, for rejuvenating my teaching career.

    Keith Gay, NAMC 9–12 Graduate
    Birchwood Public Montessori, Wisconsin, USA
  • UE - Marcela Chacon

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

    I found my Upper Elementary training very valuable and interesting, and the contents of the manuals are truly astonishing. I thought it was wonderful how the manuals guide the Montessori teacher through so many different concepts and activities, following the Montessori method, pedagogy, and philosophy. The entire program was very interesting, well organized, and extremely useful. I also found the NAMC team very supportive, and I appreciated my tutor’s dedication, enthusiasm, and support!

    Marcela Chacón, NAMC 9–12 Graduate
  • UE - Christopher Weber

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

    I loved the Upper Elementary program and was immediately able to implement it in my classroom. The program helped me understand the Montessori methodology and transfer it to my teaching. 

    Christopher Weber, NAMC 9–12 Graduate
    British Columbia, Canada
  • UE - Alice GIbson

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

    I have spoken enthusiastically to a lot of people in different parts of the world about NAMC’s programs and how much I have enjoyed them. The manuals are very well written and informative. If I was not already an advocate for the Montessori method, NAMC’s programs certainly would have converted me. After listening to my enthusiastic review of your program and how strongly it has affected me, the Montessori school in New Hampshire that my granddaughter is attending has offered for me to teach at their school anytime I wish. I have always loved education and during my time as a student in your program, I was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Education due to my strong support of education. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.

    Alice Gibson, NAMC 3–6, 6–9, 9–12 Graduate
    New York, USA
  • UE - Kellie Tyson

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

    The Upper Elementary program is great! It is perfect for those with families and jobs. The Upper Elementary program schedule made for stress-free deadlines and provided plenty of room for absorption and understanding. Everyone I came into contact with at NAMC was extremely helpful and friendly.

    Kellie Tyson, NAMC 9–12 Graduate
    Florida, USA
  • UE - Melissa Brookstein

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

    The Upper Elementary program was extremely interesting and informative. I loved learning and developing my Montessori experience. The manuals are beautiful.

    Melissa Brookstein, NAMC 9–12 Graduate
    Gauteng, South Africa
  • UE - Elizabeth Zobel

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

    Our two upper elementary classes are thrilled with the albums we have thus far...thrilled! I've been teaching for 16 years and have made many attempts to come up with the same type of manual...let's just say mine never came out too well...thank you for this brilliant work. I showed one of your albums to our AMI consultant who found it very interesting and gave a big nod of approval. 

    Elizabeth Zobel
    Connecticut, USA
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