Montessori teachers with diverse experiences and varied training backgrounds rely on NAMC’s professional, comprehensive curriculum manuals and resources to enrich their classrooms every day.
Homeschooler and Curriculum Purchaser Testimonials
  • HS - Asako Harkins

    by User Not Found | Jun 11, 2015

    I appreciate that NAMC makes Montessori elementary manuals available to anyone who is motivated to be a Montessori teacher, anywhere in the world. In my case, there is not even one teacher training center close to where I live. I have two young children at home and a full-time job, so having this option is very beneficial.

    Reading through each of the NAMC manuals was an eye-opening experience. The manuals are clearly written so that even non-native English speakers like myself can easily understand them. Each lesson includes the preparation, step-by-step process, and multiple extension examples. For lower elementary, the Classroom Guide and Five Great Lessons | Cosmic Education & Peace manuals are the first two manuals that I would recommend to everyone who wants to be Montessori elementary teacher. I especially appreciate the detailed timetable for the first day of the school year. I come back and read these pages every year.

    The curriculum support materials on CD are extremely useful, and time saving for new teachers who are starting a new classroom. The Math demonstration videos on DVD are also very helpful when reading through Math 1 manual. Not only you can visually see the presentation, you can understand the tone and speed to use when guiding your students.

    Asako Harkins , NAMC Curriculum Purchaser
    Wisconsin, USA
  • HS - Virginie Pique Yakoubsohn

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

    I am a French Montessori AMI assistant teacher and I have chosen to homeschool my son using the Montessori philosophy since his childhood. I decided to purchase the NAMC Upper Elementary curriculum to offer my son the variety of topics a child at this stage of development would be interested in.

    I find the NAMC manuals to be clear and easy to use. The background information before the activities is a great help for the general understanding of the topic. The activities are from the simplest to more difficult, which respects the Montessori approach of learning. I appreciate the extensions of activities, the very well-chosen pictures, and all the notes for the teachers.

    The NAMC manuals are a must have for any Montessori homeschooler. It gives the child the chance to develop through a Montessori path, in harmony, and to understand the whole world and its wonder ... as a citizen of the world my son will become a responsible, social, creative individual.

    I am also often inspired by the NAMC blog and their deep understanding of Montessori and the child.

    Virginie Pique Yakoubsohn
  • HS - D Berg

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

    I chose to homeschool my 3 children using the Montessori approach, and I found there are many different options for Montessori resources. It is only with NAMC that I found everything I need in very comprehensive packages in one place. Their manuals have a very clear format with essential information and beautiful images. I especially appreciate the extension activities proposed at the end of each lesson. The material and lesson suggestions are very flexible and allow me to adapt to the needs of each of my children with their different ages and learning styles, including my son with Down syndrome who benefits greatly from the Montessori approach. With NAMC materials I have found what I need to create a vision and lead my children on their educational journey. In addition, the staff at NAMC is very professional and friendly to work with. I highly recommend NAMC materials to anyone who is interested in teaching using Montessori methods, including educators like me who have little formal training in Montessori methods.

    D. Berg
    California, USA
  • HS - K Ram

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

    Unlike other Montessori manuals and instructions available for sale or for free on the internet, NAMC’s manuals have clear pictures and very clear directions with an easy step-by-step approach for anyone to follow, irrespective of their background and familiarity with the Montessori method.

    K. Ram
    Pennsylvania, USA
  • HS - Monica La Vella

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

    I received my manuals a month before Christmas and put them to use right away. I created materials for my toddler as Christmas gifts for him; all of which he loved! At two years old, his fine motor skills, language skills, and self-confidence have amazed everyone, including our doctor. I owe it all to the Montessori method, which we have used since he was an infant. I couldn't have gone on this journey without help from NAMC! From their manuals to their customer service, they are amazing! Someone is always there to help with any questions and the support is incredible. I look forward to continuing my journey as we move into the 3–6 Homeschool Program, and thanks again for your help!

    Monica La Vella
    Ontario, Canada
  • HS - Sonia Giordani-Johnston

    by User Not Found | Mar 30, 2015

    We have enjoyed implementing NAMC's extensive curriculum in our home, especially the math, language arts lessons, and science binders. I have found the lessons to be clearly presented, and the curriculum support materials provide amazing resources that the children and I look forward to using. We have made several booklets with the nomenclature cards as part of our science studies so far. I am looking forward to spending more time studying up on and preparing resources from the other binders this summer.

    Sonia Giordani-Johnston
    California, USA
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