About NAMC

NAMC has been offering professional Montessori teacher diploma programs to individuals throughout North America and around the globe since 1996. We are proud to be the leaders in delivering Montessori distance education programs and in developing world-class Montessori curriculum for children from birth to 12 years.

Since NAMC began, we have developed strong relationships with homeschool parents who have chosen our diploma programs and material for their curriculum needs. Their open and encouraging communication, together with the growing number of Montessorians sharing insight, ideas and wisdom through the internet, has been the catalyst for us to pursue curriculum designed specifically for the Montessori homeschool.

The Montessori Preschool/Kindergarten (ages 3 to 6) curriculum remains the foundation program of Montessori, and where we chose to design and develop an innovative program for the specific and distinctive needs of the homeschool educator. We have invested countless hours and dedicated resources to researching and writing to bring you a comprehensive yet straightforward and easy to implement 3-6 homeschool program. Completing the Montessori 3-6 homeschool program are the Montessori learning materials – all you need to immediately begin to implement the Montessori 3-6 homeschool curriculum, together in one package!

We hope that by delivering the best resources available today plus access to a knowledgeable, experienced, and committed support network, we will help to prepare Montessori homeschool educators to be sensitive and effective guides of the Montessori method.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high quality Montessori programs that equip educators with a solid foundation in Montessori philosophy, methods, materials, and interactions needed to create an environment that leads to enriched learning opportunities for every child.


About Our Founder

Dale Gausman's career in education spans over 40 years. He has taught preschool to grade 12 in Canada and the U.S.A. Since 1985, Dale has established several successful schools in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia. He received his B.Ed. from the University of British Columbia in 1980, his Montessori Diploma in Vancouver (A.M.I.) in 1985, and his Early Childhood Education Diploma in 1986. To enrich his own knowledge of early childhood education, in 1996 Dale Gausman completed his sixth year of Educational Studies with Portland State University. Dale founded Cornerstone Montessori School (Preschool to Grade 7), which operates under Class 1 designation - the highest rating awarded by the provincial Ministry of Education. The North American Montessori Center (NAMC), founded in 1996, provides Montessori teacher education that is recognized in schools throughout North America and abroad in over 140 countries.