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Sample Lessons

Sensory Activities: Introduction

General Points to Remember about Presenting Sensory Activities
  • Give the child opportunities to use all the senses, not just sight and hearing.
  • Include outdoor as well as indoor activities.
  • In addition to presenting activities, allow the child many opportunities to explore on her/his own, without direction.
  • Slow down and follow the child’s lead.
Summary of Sensory Activities for Toddlers
The following sensory activities give the two-year-old opportunities to
  • name, identify and match colors
  • match objects by color and pattern
  • identify objects by using the senses
  • explore creativity
  • become aware of growth processes
  • become aware of what living things need to survive
  • practice observing quietly
  • experience and identify elements of nature.
Extension 1
  • To allow the child to experience a wide range of insects and plants, vary the parts of the outdoor area that you mark off each time you do this activity.
Extension 2
  • After the child has finished the activity, invite him/her to look at reference books in the library and find pictures of insects or plants seen outside.
Extension 3
  • Once the child has acquired experience and skill at observing, draw a picture list of
    six items the child has identified outside. Examples: a daisy, a caterpillar, a bird, a
    leaf, an ant and a stick. Invite the child to go outside and find all the items on the
    list. You could supply the child with six stickers which she/he can put on the list
    as each item is found. The goal is not to collect the items, simply to look for and
    find them.
Extension 4
  • Bring some outdoor objects inside, to give the child further experience using a
    magnifying glass. Prepare a work tray containing a magnifying glass and an
    interesting object from nature. Examples: piece of tree stump; shell; piece of
    driftwood; pine cone; bird’s nest; piece of coral.

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