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How the Montessori Upper Elementary (9–12) Diploma Program Unfolds...

Students can enroll at any time in the Montessori Upper Elementary diploma program.

The program is divided into three separate components*. Each component must be completed within a twelve-week period, for an approximate total of nine consecutive months (this includes shipping and handling time).

First Component

  • The Montessori 6–12 Classroom Guide
  • Zoology
  • World History
  • Language Arts – Book 1
  • Math 1 – Whole Numbers and Fractions
Second Component
  • Math 2 – Negative Numbers and Pre-Algebra
  • Language Arts – Book 2
  • Cultural Geography
  • Scientific Method & Technology
  • Astronomy & Ecology
  • US or Canadian History
Third Component
  • Math 3 – Geometry
  • Physical Geography
  • Botany and Microscopic Study
  • Health Sciences
  • Matter and Energy
*Please Note: The order of the above components is subject to changes without prior notice. US-based and International students will receive the US History manual and assignment as part of their program. Canadian-based students will receive the Canadian History manual and assignment as part of their program.

For students enrolling in the Upper Elementary program:

Assignments that correspond with the sixteen Montessori curriculum manuals are to be completed and submitted by email or mail to your tutor for marking, according to your personally scheduled due dates. You are expected to thoroughly study all of the program curriculum.

Please Note: It is important that you adhere to the timelines of our three consecutive twelve week terms. However we understand that sometimes extenuating circumstances, such as situations of emergency or duress, can disrupt study commitments. In these cases, we are willing to review and grant assignment extensions on an individual basis.

Students requiring assistance are welcome to contact us by telephone 1.877.531.6665 (toll-free USA/Canada) or 604.576.6621 (Local or International) or email

You will be assigned a personal tutor to whom you will have unlimited access throughout your program. You are welcome to contact your tutor at any time by email or telephone (toll-free for USA/Canada). Our tutors are experienced Montessori educators and trainers who are well-knowledged and practiced in all facets of Montessori education – the philosophy, methods, materials, and interactions. Your tutor will personally assist you with any questions pertaining to Montessori education, our curriculum and resources the use of didactic materials, classroom questions, and assignment questions; plus your tutor will be happy to offer you encouragement and guidance throughout your program.

Graduates receive the North American Montessori Center Teaching Diploma for Upper Elementary (ages 9–12 years).

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