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Montessori Lower Elementary (6-9) Diploma Program

What better sign of success? Parents who have placed their children into Montessori preschool/kindergarten environments are now driving the trend toward making more and more Montessori Elementary programs available in communities across North America and around the world.

This Montessori diploma program includes fourteen incredibly detailed, beautifully designed curriculum manuals. Our manuals provide the best combination of classic Montessori teachings enriched with contemporary extensions and activities to give you an outstanding foundation for creating a stimulating, exciting classroom.

PLUS! Our program includes online access to over 3.5 hours of professional Math video demonstrations and 1329 pages of Blackline Masters on CD to complement the activities in these lifetime teacher resources.

NAMC has designed Mastery Checklists customized to complement each area of NAMC’s curriculum. These checklists are a valuable record-keeping resource used to keep track of and evaluate your students’ progress. In addition, they present our wide range of curriculum and resources in a graphical, easy-to-use manner that will aid teachers in both curriculum management and integration. View a Sample Mastery Checklist.

Five Great Lessons | Cosmic Education | Peace
(137 page manual)

The Five Great Lessons are detailed in a series of stories and lessons that are designed to provide an understanding of the history of the universe with a focus on humankind's place in that continuing story. The Lessons are divided into five unique parts: A. The Story of the Universe; B. Life Comes to Earth; C. The Coming of Humans; D. The Story of Writing (or Language); E. The Story of Numbers (Mathematics). Cosmic education in the Montessori curriculum sets the stage to develop more caring and peaceful citizens. Throughout all subjects, the Montessori teacher has the opportunity to instill in her students a sense of being connected to all things in the universe.

Montessori Cosmic Education
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This cosmic view, especially the view that the Earth must be respected and preserved, leads humankind in our search for meaning and purpose. The answer is the cosmic task - to help our children become adults who strive to achieve a peaceful coexistence in a sustainable environment.

As the Montessori teacher sets the framework for the understanding that all living creatures are important and interconnected, the next step is to encourage in each child the skill and ability to become the peacemaker.

The Cosmic Education and Peace curriculum provides helpful lessons to guide the educator through this ongoing endeavor.

History and the Five Great Lessons Blackline Masters
History blackline masters are a supplement to the Five Great Lessons | Cosmic Education | Peace manual.

View a Sample Blackline Master

Physical and Cultural Geography
(Two manuals - 329 pages)

The Earth is our home, but what do we really know about it? In our Geography manual we look at the formation of the Earth, its place in the solar system, its atmosphere, weather and seasons and its various land and water features. We also explore ways of representing these features through the use of maps - finding our way with lines of longitude and latitude and a compass. A major component of this curriculum is the study of continents, countries of the world and their capital cities.

Geography Blackline Masters
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Montessori Cultural Geography Education Material
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Montessori Geography Education Material
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The Montessori 6-12 Classroom Guide
(317 page manual)

This comprehensive guide will provide much-needed and asked-for direction in the following areas:

  • Goals of the elementary program
  • Environmental design
  • Teaching the Montessori way
  • Keep it exciting and inspiring
  • Program implementation
  • Observation, record keeping
  • Classroom management
  • Starting elementary classes off right
  • Sample forms
  • Resources
  • Dr. Montessori and the Montessori Method

Montessori Elementary Classroom Guide
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Language Arts
(337 page manual)

We all appreciate how fundamental language is to communication. For children, the ability to speak opens doors; the ability to read opens minds. Our Language Arts program builds on the foundation laid in preschool, which sets the stage for the children to master tasks such as: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Dictionary Skills, Poetry, Novel Studies, Penmanship & Handwriting, Parts of Speech and the Junior Great Books. Each skill builds on another and forms a solid base, which leads to ease of integration with other subjects. Writing a research project on whales or explaining how a math equation is worked out is easily achieved as a result. In addition the children learn to value reading for pleasure as is evidenced by how much they enjoy the Junior Great Books.

Language Arts Blackline Masters
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Montessori Language Education Material
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Matter and Astronomy
(188 page manual)

Supernovas, stars, asteroids, meteors, satellites and galaxies! Students discover the wonder and power of a tiny atom, and all its potential. This comprehensive curriculum provides plenty of activities to explore the mysteries of the universe, to discover many answers to why and how things exist and behave, and to seek further answers to questions that inevitably arise.

Matter & Astronomy Blackline Masters
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Montessori Astronomy Education Material
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(170 page manual)

Plants are one of the key components that sustain animal life on earth. In our Botany manual we teach the plant anatomy, plant physiology, plant geography, plant industries and horticulture. Colorful illustrations augment each lesson.

Botany Blackline Masters
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Montessori Botany Education Material
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(233 page manual)

Animals have inhabited the Earth for millions of years, growing from simple one-celled organisms to the diverse variety we see today. Our Zoology manual encompasses an overview of the animal kingdom and classification suitable for the Elementary classroom. We also explore animal needs and how they are met.

Zoology Blackline Masters
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Montessori Zoology Education Material
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Math 1 & 2
(Two manuals, totaling 439 pages)

There is nothing in our world that does not in some way relate to mathematics. Being able to apply mathematics skills in other areas, such as language arts and music is most beneficial. The four operations are taught in detail building on skills learned in preschool. A fair portion of the curriculum is devoted to Geometry and related lessons including use of the Geometry Cabinet, Constructive Triangles, sticks and nomenclatures and multiplication and division. Rounding it off is the introduction to fractions and factors & multiples.

Math Blackline Masters
View a Sample Blackline Master

Montessori Math I Education Material
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Montessori Math II Education Material
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Math 1 Demonstration Videos - NEW!

Now you can follow along with your Math 1 curriculum manual and view over 3.5 hours of key Math activities, including demonstrations using the Addition and Subtraction Strip Boards, the Multiplication Bead Board, the Algebraic Pegboard, Golden Bead Material, the Small and Large Bead Frames, the Checkerboard and much more...


Montessori Math Demonstration Videos
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Introduction to Health Sciences, Art and Music
(201 page manual)

This manual is intended to serve as a valuable resource for the Montessori educator to build imaginative, artistic projects into their curriculum and to inspire children to explore their own creativity as a means of expression. Our world needs to continue to encourage creative problem-solvers and craftspeople who strive for a harmonious balance between progress and beauty. Dive in, have fun with the children, and see the spark of imagination and artistry ignite!

As part of the "Cosmic Education", Maria Montessori believed that a healthy mind, body and spirit are essential elements for success on the universal path of progress and


Montessori Health, Sciences, Art & Music
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development. With these, a human being has a better chance of making a positive contribution to the world than one who does not take care of his physical, mental, and emotional development. The Montessori teacher can play a key role by helping the children discover that good health is a pleasure they can enjoy from childhood into old age.

Health Sciences Blackline Masters
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Advanced Practical Life
(131 page manual)

Children entering the Elementary level of their Montessori education have already had fairly unlimited access to basic Practical Life activities. As these children mature, the teacher plays a more active role in selecting certain tasks, which may suit a particular child or situation. The children do not have as much "free" unstructured time in which to select any activity they choose but rather are guided to hone the skills needed for success in later subjects and life in general. The activities taught in the Advanced Practical Life portion of the curriculum are simpler versions of many of those that the adults in their lives engage in. The module encompasses topics such as cooking, gardening, sewing, and basic etiquette that will help a child develop a high level of concentration and improve fine motor skills while evoking a sense of respect for others and the environment.


Montessori Practical Life Education Material
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(251 page manual)

Man has always been curious about the past. In our History manual we review the origin of the universe, explore the concept of time and visit in capsule form how the ancient civilizations evolved. Intertwined with this is a study of the common needs of people and how they apply to each time period.

History Blackline Masters
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Montessori History Education Material
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Science Experiments
(193 page manual)

This manual offers 85 step-by-step, teacher-friendly Science Experiments that the children will love to do! There are enough weekly Science Experiments for a three-year program and the manual contains explanations of how the students should keep personal records for each experiment they complete.


Montessori Science Life Education Material
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