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NAMC has been offering professional Montessori diploma programs to individuals throughout North America and around the globe since 1996. We are proud to be the leaders in delivering Montessori distance education programs and in developing world-class Montessori curriculum. Our success has and always will be closely connected to the success of our graduates, who are thriving in their careers as Montessori educators in over 119 countries worldwide.

We are pleased to offer four levels of Montessori certification:

A unique and beneficial feature of our diploma programs is the inclusion of full-color, professionally developed and designed curriculum manuals. We have invested countless hours and dedicated resources to researching and writing over 40 curriculum manuals, covering every aspect of theory and practice of Montessori education for children from birth through 12 years of age.

Our first priority is our students, and we believe that the combination of including the best resources available today plus access to a knowledgeable, experienced, and committed support network will prepare our students to be sensitive and effective guides of the Montessori method.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at NAMC: to deliver high quality Montessori teacher education programs that equip our students with a solid foundation in Montessori philosophy, methods, materials, and interactions needed to create the environment that leads to enriched learning opportunities for every child. We achieve this goal by including comprehensive, innovative lifetime teaching resources with our programs, by engaging our students in productive, active learning, and by effectively supporting each student’s success with their educational journey.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Our guiding philosophy is one of continuous improvement. NAMC is committed to continually enhancing its programs and resources.

  • We believe that a quality training program is flexible and dynamic with the ability to respond and adapt quickly and appropriately to the changing needs of individuals, and the labor market. Our training is designed to match employment opportunities and student needs.

  • We embrace Dr. Montessori’s belief that childhood education must be progressive. It should provide a keen insight into the Montessori method within the context of contemporary psychology and educational and social wisdom. Blending the Montessori approach with contemporary enrichment has proven to be effective, rewarding and beneficial to today’s child.

  • We believe that every individual has lifelong, personal opportunities for learning. To that end, we offer an international training program for persons who desire to enrich the development and learning experience of young children. Teachers, teaching assistants, tutors, parents and grandparents all enroll in our programs for a variety of professional and personal reasons.

  • We build our programs on the human and cultural richness of our international student body. We believe in the principles of promoting acceptance and inclusivity, embracing diversity and challenges, and inspiring human progress toward peace and harmony.

Dale GausmanAbout Our Founder

Dale Gausman's career in education spans over 25 years. He has taught preschool to grade 12 in Canada and the U.S.A. Since 1985, Dale has established several successful schools in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia. He received his B.Ed. from the University of British Columbia in 1980, his Montessori Diploma in Vancouver (A.M.I.) in 1985, and his Early Childhood Education Diploma in 1986. To enrich his own knowledge of early childhood education, in 1996 Dale Gausman completed his sixth year of Educational Studies with Portland State University.

Dale founded Cornerstone Montessori School (Preschool to Grade 7), which operates under Class 1 designation - the highest rating awarded by the provincial Ministry of Education. The North American Montessori Center (NAMC), founded in 1996, provides Montessori teacher education that is recognized in schools throughout North America and abroad.

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